QuickStar Logistics | Terms and Conditions
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Terms and Conditions

Limits of Liability:

Quickstar Logistics, Inc. (Quickstar Logistics) will not be liable for loss or damage to shipments improperly packed or labeled, or damage to cash, furs, jewelry, negotiable securities, or other high value items, etc., unless the item or items are declared at the time of placing the call, in order to afford Quickstar Logistics, an opportunity to adequately protect the shipment.

Though extreme care is taken during the delivery of the products and the removal of packing material, Quickstar Logistics cannot be held responsible for A: any damage to your home or business, B: any error in assembly, craftsmanship and/or manufacturer defects. In the event that any one piece is greater than 250 lbs, no steps will be attempted. Signatures will be obtained by the personnel of Quickstar Logistics from the customer while delivering the items. If the customer is not available personally at the time of delivery, he/she is advised to assign inspection to an authorized adult. If no adult is available, Quickstar Logistics. Will not deliver the items and an attempt fee will be charged. Liability is limited to 50 cents per hundred pounds unless otherwise stated.